About Me

Picture of the artist, Annie Boag

I am based in Salisbury and am known in particular for my watercolour paintings of hares and my large acrylic canvases featuring cows or dramatic local landscapes.As you can imagine from my location Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral are favourite subjects. My mother used to keep hens and runner ducks so they often feature as do pheasants,  pigs and the odd squirrel here and there.

I exhibit periodically, locally and now all my work is available online. In addition to original watercolours and acrylic box canvases, some of my work is available as limited edition prints and greetings cards. A relatively recent addition to my work is mini canvases, I started producing these at the request of a friend , who loves my work but simply doesn’t have the space for practically life size cows, peering down at her over her breakfast table. I use mixed media for my mini canvases, decoupaging pages of ancient music paper or pages from “Punch magazine” from the 1870s (yes really! I hasten to add here that the book from which I tear pages is in shocking condition, I wouldn’t destroy a good book , I am prolonging its life or up-cycling with my vandalism !) I then paint in acrylic on the primed surface.

My development, as an artist, has come from feedback and advice from friends , family and clients. They have requested subjects or commissioned work , often quite out of my comfort zone.