Adventures in Squares



Recently I have had a lot of upheaval in my life and my creativity has been crushed. As I have striven to get my painting mojo back, battling a mind full of negativity, criticism and put downs, I have found my style getting tighter and tighter and my anxiety growing, in an attempt to attain realism or ” perfection”. Neither is achievable in my natural styles in watercolour and acrylic. Much inspired by the wonderful and generous contributions on “Paint My Photo” and “Free Reference Photos for Artists”, I have set myself the challenge of painting without drawing, on small, square canvases, (I usually work on A3 plus) and to enjoy the process of light, color, contrast, brushwork and paint. If you know me, you will know I’m not comfortable with “arty-farty” speak, I just feel an explanation is warranted, for some very different work. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed my challenge!


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