Boxing Hares

I know it’s not the season for boxing hares…

A few months ago I had a request for a painting of some boxing hares. I duly began researching some reference photos and seeking permission to use them. George Sudlow on Flickr is an extremely talented wildlife photographer. Not only did he give me consent to use the images I had asked about, he also sent me some extra. Thank you George for your generosity and brilliant photos!

In the mean time the “commissioner” changed their mind, it was for a genuine reason and I didn’t mind as I hadn’t painted boxing hares in a while and they are a popular subject. So I switched my focus and  concentrated on  commissions such as a pin up girl on a panel from an aircraft (yes really!) and a pet portrait commission. School girl error , I left the masking fluid on my drawn out boxing hares for too long. It was a devil to remove and the drawings almost went in the bin, but were put on a shelf instead. For the past two days I have been getting on with pictures that are part way through. The large canvas of Arundells is facing the wall so that I can look at it with fresh eyes later, a fox and hare have been finished off and I returned to my boxing hares. As in my head they were still bin bound I used ink, watercolour and pencil in an attempt to capture the hares’ energy, so not quite my usual style. I’m pleased with them. They may get yet another tweak or two and will then decide whether to get prints or cards done.

Please do contact me if they might be of interest to you!


These images are from my I pad they are not print quality, that is done professionally.

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