Easter Hares

Traditionally in many European countries, particularly Germany, it is the Easter Hare which brings Easter eggs for the children.

I have been painting a lot of dogs in watercolour at the moment, to build my portfolio, so for a treat this weekend and in keeping with the season I have returned to my favourite subject -hares!




At the Salisbury Christmas Market last year, as my work is quite large, in addition to the more portable prints, I produced a series of mini canvases which could be hung on the wall or displayed on a small easel on a shelf or window sill.

My favourites in this series were hares and robins painted onto decoupaged paper from old Punch magazines (1870s) or some extremely old music paper.









This weekend I decided to use a lighter background paint and have painted a series of hare heads, similar to my watercolours. I have used acrylic paint and allowed text and shadows to show through which creates a wonderful texture all without effort !







You can see how easy they are to display on a book case , or with other ornaments. Displayed here with my prized Tony Uloth Hare sculptures.




Here is an example of a hare head painted on to a Punch page. This paper is a joy to use, I don’t know if it is because its so old and porous, it gives a lovely taut wrinkle free surface to paint on when applied, unlike some of the music paper which can bubble. This is a larger canvas , not quite A4 (will provide accurate measurements on its listing). I get quite distracted reading some of the articles underneath but again love the (accidental) shade and texture. I need to add a few fine details, such as whiskers and varnish each canvas and then I will post clearer pictures. Happy Easter!



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