Feathered Friends

I get to see a lot of birds at the moment, mainly rooks, jackdaws and starlings, but there are also wagtails, red kites, sparrows and there were many swallows.
There are some rooks at Stonehenge which will land on your hand to feed, if you have bird food. Some are extremely gentle and curl their talons, some grip rather too tightly and can peck rather vigorously too !
This is one of my most recent paintings, in ink and watercolour, of one of the gentle Stonehenge rooks. He has the most amazing colours in his plumage !


I also have two original owl watercolours available for sale. The paintings are based on reference photographs which I took on a visit to The Hawk Conservancy near Andover.


An American Great Owl



A Tawny Owl

To complete my recently painted feathered friends, I was commissioned to paint a third runner duck for someone who already has two of my runner duck paintings. My mother used to keep runner ducks, so I have lots of  photos for reference.They have great personalities.


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