New Limited Edition Prints

I have finally managed to update my limited edition prints. There is something for everyone there, from an Alpaca to a dancing puffin and 4 new hares. These prints are done on a lovely paper which is textured like watercolour paper. It is very hard to distinguish from the original, I am so pleased with the quality. I no longer hold stock (I think I am one of the last “artists” to do this.) The printer I use is very close to where I live , so if he is open I can get the print quickly! I am no longer offering mounted prints in A3. This is for a couple of reasons, it adds to the overall size, so the mount is more likely to get damaged in the post and it ups the cost. Choice of frame is very individual so this gives you greater flexibility. I have removed the cost of the mount from my print prices.I can offer the prints in smaller sizes – just email me with your requirements and for a price. I don’t want to over complicate the system.I hope you love them!

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