Pete’s Hares Collection


I am delighted to finally share with you a new collection of hares, originals and limited edition prints. are ten in the collection.

The photographs, which I used as reference or inspiration for this collection, were kindly sent to me by Peter Barrett. Pete often sees hares whilst tending his cattle in Dorset and knowing that I am passionate about them he allowed me to paint from these photos. I first met Pete, when he invited me to come and paint his Ruby Red Devons. I have subsequently become friends with him, his lovely wife Sharon and his daughter Kathy-Anne, a talented artist using mainly pencil.

Rather than “hare 1” we thought it would be fun to give them names so Pete’s family, including his grandchildren, did so. All the names have significance to the family.. (Sharon loves Sweet, so one had to be Andy!)

There were originally going to be 5, however, when I was transferring my drawing on to watercolour paper, I made a smudge which wouldn’t come off, rather than waste paper and all that time drawing I used a splashy background, using colours found in hares and their landscape, I then flipped my drawing and did another in my classic style, with no background. I love both and hope you will too!

Thank you again Pete!

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