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Blue Paisley Hare -Original Watercolour



This is the original watercolour and ink painting which has had limited edition prints produced from it. I love my original colour Paisley Hares but I felt the need to try some different colours. I used to have a friend who loved blue and yellow in her kitchen so I used that with some Paisley ducks, I think it works with the hare too!

You get a slightly creamier colour background in the original and the texture of the watercolour paper is evident (You don’t see that in the prints because shadows are cast by the bumps (technical term!)in the paper so they are digitally smoothed !) Much as I love these Paisley Hares , they are very time consuming and not good for your hands, that’s why I had limited edition prints produced.

It is painted on my favourite “St Cuthbert’s Mill “watercolour paper, which measures 410mm by 310 mm.Please note that prints are not available of this picture . This painting has been mounted for an exhibition, you can ask your framer to change it or frame it as it is.


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