Spaniels in watercolour.

What a wet and miserable day it is in Salisbury this morning ! I hope it’s better where you are. If you read my post “I don’t paint dogs” you may recall that it was a commission which helped me to change my mind. I had been asked if I could paint 5 dogs as a special birthday present . Unfortunately three of the photographs were so old it was impossible to use them so we settled on the two who are still around. Initially I had planned to do them in acrylic , however the intended recipient was a fan of my hares which are done in watercolour or ink and watercolour so that was the commission. I was so charmed by one of the dogs , called Buzz ( Dobby in my head !) a cross whippet /springer spaniel I gave it a go and on favourable feedback painted his companion Sid, a springer spaniel. 

They are beautiful dogs , you can see why I enjoyed the commission ! Buzz and Sid .

Woody is a truly UK spaniel in that he has a bit of Welsh spaniel , a bit of English, a bit of working , I can’t remember his exact parentage but he was a very handsome dog. Unfortunately he died a few months ago ,lost to a very aggressive form of cancer and much missed by his owners. I have done two watercolours of Woody and hope to do an acrylic when we have come up with the perfect reference photos. You can see here how different the same dog looks based on two very different photos.


Two of my personal favourites, finished recently, are of Fanny, a now 13 year old, Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel and Alfie, an 11 year old Springer Spaniel with newly trimmed ears in this portrait!

Fanny and Alfie

None of us like to see our beloved dogs looking old and grey, even though it happens. I think Fanny looks very distinguished in her portrait, however her owners loved some pictures I took during our reference photo shoot, where her puppy side really came out. I couldn’t resist doing some pictures in a looser style to capture her very cute and playful side you sometimes see. I thought they might choose one -all three are on their wall !


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